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Conditions we treat

 Case 1302: Lyme Disease
 Eliminated and reduced over 8 debilitating symptoms in patient with central nervous Lyme -- in one month.

 Case 927: Asthma
Eliminated wheezing from 7-year old with asthma in 4 weeks, due to mold in his lungs. Asthma never returned.

 Case 642: Asthma in Baby
 Preemie baby battled asthma for 10 years. Symptoms began to disappear after one treatment. Now a normal child. 

  Case 283: Pain from Stroke

 Treatments significantly reduced pain from stroke in elite athlete, in knees, shoulders and hands. 

   Case 559: Parkinson's
 Reduced medications and much better sleep for Parkinson's disease patient after holistic treatments.

  Case 1338: Back Pain

Treatment for back pain revealed kidney stone blockage, not previously diagnosed. Removal and treatment resulted in             major improvement.

    Case 1597: Numerous Symptoms
   Lack of energy, light-headed feelings, continuous back pain and heat surges across eyes eliminated by treatments.

Case 5223: 30 Year Patient Shoulder Problem
Long-time patient treated for many other issues after first success with shoulder issue.

Case 5411: Explanation of Complicated Blood Tests
Dr. Marinelli analyzed complex blood test results and explained in easy-to-understand manner to patient. 

Case 5601:  Back Pain
Two years of back pain reversed in patient who had to use a cane; she no longer does, plays golf and feels wonderful.

Case 5788: Pain Throughout Body
After years of pain throughout her body, this 85-year old is pain-free as a result of Marinelli Methods and even does some skiing!

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Case 1832: Severe Abdominal Pain from Dairy
After everything else failed to cure pain, 14 treatment resolved the issues. Now able to eat dairy with no discomfort.

 Case 2134: Multiple Conditions
 Treatments of a 10-year patient have led to consistent relief for back and hip aches, bronchitis, thyroid, fatigue and others.

 Case 2431: Back and Leg Pain
 Took less than 8 weeks to resolve strong back and leg pain, without any medications or surgery.

 Case 2772: Pulmonary Hypertension
Dr. Marinelli worked with medical specialists to help a "no cure" case of pulmonary hypertension with great results. 

 Case 2888: Rib Pain from Car Accident

Victim had intercoastal neuritis and liver inflammation which was resolved in 8 treatments and eliminated the pain. 

  Case 4821: Frequent Nighttime Urination
Patient getting up 4 to 6 times per nite, reduced to zero to 1 after just 4 treatments. Savings on meds no longer needed. 

 Case 5012: Multiple Severe Issues   Successfully corrected abnormal A-Fib, painful sciatica and irritable bowel syndrome.
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Case 5932: Headaches
Dr. Marinelli's up-to-date painless methods result in headache relief and other problems which he corrects.

Case 6083: Torn Knee Ligament
Marinelli Methods helps woman avoid surgery for a torn knee ligament.

Case 6155: Spinal Bifida
 Marinelli Methods allowed woman to become mobile and reduce her pain dramatically.

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