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Patient Case Studies

Case 1302: Lyme Disease
In October of 2006, I was diagnosed with chronic central nervous system Lyme disease. This disease caused me to be quite symptomatic on a daily, on-going basis. These symptoms, include: extreme fatigue, body pain, migraines, joint pain, bladder dysfunction, muscle pain and stiffness, dizziness and more. Within a month, Dr. Marinelli's treatments have eliminated several of these symptoms and have made other symptoms less extreme. I used to be bed-ridden five to six days out of the week. Now I get out of bed almost one a daily basis. Dr. Marinelli's treatments are quite amazing and he truly seems to care abnout making his patients better. He listens carefully to all of my complaints and issues. I genuinely appreciate what he has done to improve the quality of my life! Thank you, Thank You, Dr. Marinelli. Wendy M.

Case 927: Asthma
I’m so grateful for finding Dr. Marinelli. My seven year old son developed asthma and needed daily medicine to control the wheezing. Based on blood work, it looked as if the cause was allergies. This meant, in addition to his daily asthma medication, he would need regular allergy shots. I put the dust mite proof bedding in his room, gave him herbal supplements for allergies, took him to acupuncture, and removed gluten from his diet. However, he continued wheezing until a friend of mine told me about Dr. Marinelli. Dr. Marinelli diagnosed my son as having mold in his lungs and within a month of weekly treatments, the wheezing was gone. My child can now eat whatever he wants and be in any environment. The asthma has never returned. Therese Hausler

Case 642: Asthma in Baby
Born at only 28 weeks of gestation and on life support for the first three months of his life, my son has battled severe asthma for the past ten years. With the exceptional care of Dr. Marinelli, he has been off all of his medications for the past six months, the first week of his treatment. Thanks to him he can now run, play outdoors and is even playing the trumpet with the school band! Words can’t express how grateful our family is to Dr. Marinelli for taking such great care of my son, Sebastian. Meidy Cardona

Case 283: Pain from Stroke
I have been a patient of Dr. Marinelli for three years.  During this time frame, he has treated a variety of my ailments, which can be grouped into two categories: wear, tear and injury from the activities as an elite athlete for many years; and inadvertent exposure to chemicals, which caused a stroke in my cerebellum in 2004. His treatments have significantly reduced the pain and discomfort of my knees, shoulders and hands, resulting in more mobility and involvement in life's activities. Bob Lamb, M.A., M.Ed., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 

Case 559: Parkinson's
Thank you so much for taking such an interest in my battle with Parkinson’s disease. I am so appreciative for your dedication in trying to slow the progression of this disease. What is so exciting is that you were able to reduce my medication and improve my overnight sleep. For that, I am so grateful. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Michael D'Angelo

Case 1338: Back Pain
My first visit to Dr. Marinelli’s office was on January 5, 2004 for a severe back problem. During the initial consultation and examination, Dr. Marinelli treated me for back problem and he discovered that I had a problem with my left ureter and recommended that I see an urologist. On May 20th, 2004, about four months after my examination with Dr. Marinelli, I had to undergo surgery on my left ureter to remove a kidney stone blockage. Dr. Marinelli’s methods are so advanced, accurate and effective, I see him whenever I have a health related issue.Mark Visceglia

Case 1597: Numerous Symptoms
Thank you for making me feel better. As I told you when we first met, I was not sleeping well which resulted in a lack of energy. I often felt light-headed, felt continuous pains in my back and experienced heat surges across my eyes. Prior to visiting you, I had consulted my family doctor, as well as an Ophthalmologist and Otolaryngologist. These other doctors did not help me feel any better. Since receiving your treatments, I no longer have these ailments. I sleep better and my other ailments have disappeared. I feel much better, both mentally and physically and I am thrilled that I do not have to rely on any medications. I appreciate what you have done for me and I have recommended you to several of my friends and encouraged my husband to schedule an appointment. Thank you for all you have done! Eileen

Case 1832: Severe Abdominal Pain from Dairy
After being in and out of the hospital for two years, a friend recommended Dr. Charles Marinelli who I have been seeing for 9 months now.  I had been through every kind of test possible because doctors thought I was allergic to dairy and gluten.  After all test results came back negative, I was completely out of ideas.  I continued to have an upset stomach every time I ate dairy. The pain and discomfort was unbearable. Dr. Marinelli thoroughly explained the cause of my upset stomach, which he thought, was an infection. He took the time to listen to all of my complaints and problems.  After a few months of one treatment per week, my symptoms decreased and my pain did not even come close to the point of unbearable.  Now, I have seen Dr. Marinelli a total of 14 treatments, my symptoms have solidified, and I am now able to eat dairy again with almost no pain or discomfort. N. Appleby

Case 2431: Back and Leg Pain
For over a year, I had strong back and leg discomfort seeing numerous physicians all to no avail.  Finally upon a recommendation from a friend, I went to see Dr. Marinelli. I was immediately impressed with his profound knowledge base and unique way of treatment. In less than eight weeks, I was able to feel a marked improvement of my symptoms with virtually no pain, without medications or surgery. I highly recommend him and plan to continue to see him for any future illness and discomfort. He has since helped other patients to whom I have referred him. Marie Manco

Case 2772: Pulmonary Hypertension
In May 2009, I had a sudden onset of difficulty breathing. Leading up to this point, I was doing an hour of cardio three times a week at the gym.  Then one week, I was completely winded after just walking into Shop-Rite from the parking lot. During a check up with my GP, she was concerned about my symptoms and sent me to a pulmonologist and cardiologist.  She also sent me for an ultrasound of my liver because blood work showed that I had elevated liver enzymes. I had also gone to see Dr. Marinelli right away and he said that I had pulmonary hypertension.  There was a problem with the pulmonary veins.  Later that day I researched this condition and was a mess after what I read. There is NO CURE.  And it can shorten your lifespan to 5 to 10 years from diagnosis.  I called him up the next day in a panic.  He remained perfectly calm and told me not to worry. He explained that he could, in time, clear up my condition.  He also suggested certain details the doctors should look for and measure during the testing they recommended. 

Dr. Marinelli suggested they measure the pulmonary vessels during the echo cardiogram of the heart.  They didn’t report any abnormalities, but the test did show an abnormality with the pulmonary vessels.  Just as Dr. Marinelli suspected from the elevated liver enzymes, I had a condition called hepatopulmonary hypertension.  There was a triangular connection between the pulmonary veins going to my lungs, my lungs and the veins going to my liver. He even researched this further, called me up to tell me about his findings, and gave me a copy of an article pertaining to my condition. 

The cardiologist scheduled me for a stress test and echo cardiogram.  He also gave me heart medicine, xanax and pepcid to starting using right away.  I didn’t take any of the medicine, especially the heart medicine which had a disclaimer on it explaining not to discontinue use once started.  Upon reading that, I contacted my pharmacist who explained that stopping this medicine could cause a heart attack.  At this point, no one had any evidence that there was any problem with my heart. 

During the stress test, I was only able to exercise for 5 minutes because I could not breathe. I just didn’t have enough air.  The results showed this, along with an abnormally high adrenal output.  When I went for the follow up with the cardiologist, I showed her the article that Dr. Marinelli had given me about hepatopulmonary hypertension.  She pushed it aside and said that’s not what I have.  She also disregarded the abnormal test results from the echo cardiogram and stress test. 

The pulmonologist that my GP sent me to told me, without any testing, that I had asthma.  He also told my GP that I seemed to be under a lot of stress and that was probably causing my breathing difficulties.  He put me on a steroid inhaler to reduce any inflammation and a bronchodilator to help keep the airways open. He also was completely unavailable to me during a regular office day, when I had still had difficulty breathing after using my inhalers. 

Throughout this time period of seeing specialists and going for testing, I continued to see Dr. Marinelli and my condition improved with each visit.  After the episode with the pulmonologist, I got a recommendation for a new doctor.  This pulmonologist looked at all of test results and said that he did indeed see the early signs of pulmonary hypertension. At this point, my breathing was considerably better, although not completely.  It was a relief to find a medical doctor who was willing and able to look at the subtleties of my lab work to see what it was actually showing. 

I am so very grateful to Dr. Marinelli for his medical knowledge and ability to bring about the necessary healing.  His ongoing dedication and determination to find healing solutions are a source of comfort.  This is certainly the direction that modern medicine needs to pursue.  I will not go back and look at any information regarding this condition because I know that it is not my path.  I remain in full health again and back to my cardio workout.  Dr. Marinelli offered me the option to heal through this rather than live with it and I am forever grateful. Cindy Yavorski Livingston, NJ 

Case 2888: Rib Pain from Car Accident
After a car accident some three years ago, I developed unexplained rib pain. I went to numerous Doctors and all studies were negative. I continued to experience pain.  I was fortunately referred to Dr, Marinelli. Upon his examination, he diagnosed me with intercostal neuritis and corrected me for liver inflammation.  Within 6-8 treatments, I was finally able to do things without feeling pain and discomfort and I have regained my enthusiasm for living. Thank you so much Dr. Marinelli. Joe Matta

Case 4821: Frequent Nighttime Urination
After years trying to deal with peeing 4-6 times per night and taking numerous meds, I heard about the Marinelli Methods. Within two treatments, peeing was reduced to 2-3 times per night, and after five treatments, zero to one per night. Plus, my daytime urination has been reduced by about 75%. Absolutely amazing. I no longer take two meds which were costing over $600 per year. I was skeptical at first, but now am a believer. Irv B.

Case 5012:  A-Fib, IBS and Sciatica
Since 2005, Dr. Marinelli has successfully treated my various health problems. Just to briefly mention a few: He corrected my A-Fib back to a normal heart rhythm. He also corrected my IBS. Most amazing was how his methods cured my very painful, severe sciatica.  Dr. Marinelli has also treated me for various other problems; too many to enumerate.  I would highly recommend his methods of treatment to anyone with a health issue. Carol, Clifton, NJ   

Case 5223: Shoulder Problem in Long-Time Patient
I first came to Dr. Marinelli over 30 years ago with a shoulder problem.  I have found his methods helpful for various other problems over many years. Eugenia G., Clifton, NJ

Case 5411:  Blood Test Analysis
I have known Dr. Marinelli for many years.  He is very smart, knowledgeable and takes the time to listen and understand my problems.  The best news is the fact that he helps me to feel better.  Marinelli methods is not your typical chiropractic approach.  He truly is concerned and he finds out what is wrong, explains what is wrong and is able to correct with his "Marinelli Methods" that is pain free.  I bring him all test results and blood test results from other doctors so he can explain them to me so that I can understand them.  He is very easy to talk to and he helps me to feel better physicaly and mentally.  Thank you Dr. Marinelli for always being there for me. Angela, Wayne, NJ

Case 5601:  Back Pain
I suffered with back pain for more than two years.  I didn't think I was going to be able to play golf; the pain was so bad I was using a cane.  With Dr. Marinelli's help, I am playing golf, no longer using a cane and feeling wonderful.  I have actually returned to all of my normal activities. Toni, Clifton, NJ

Case 5788: Pain Throughout Body
My experience with Dr. Marinelli's Methods was almost miraculous.  In 2002, I started feeling pain, first in my thighs that slowly but steadily kept extending along my legs and up my body. It got so bad that I couldn't stand, sit or lay down for any length of time.  Getting up from a sitting position, getting in or out of a car was an ordeal.  I had to give up my driving since my hands hurt so bad.  From the start I saw my regular doctor who told me that at my age (74 at the time) was natural to have arthritis and/or arthrosis, and pain was a natural result of aging.  He recommended Celebrex, which I refused to take because of the side effects.  I sought relief in therapeutic massage, that did some help by relaxing the muscles and eventually went to a traditional chiropracor, that at least staightened my spine, that had been bent by super contracted muscles.  But the pain didn't get any better.  By chance, (I think God sent her to me) I met a person who recommended Dr. Marinelli.  Having nothing to lose, I made an appointment to see him.  From the first visit I felt a difference.  He took the time to listen to my complaints and using his method, checked me and came with a diagnosis: an overgrowth of fungus.  To say I was surprised is an understatement.  For the next few months I saw him several times and every time I was feeling better.  The pain subsided slowly but surely until I was pain free.  Today I am 85 and still pain free and I can still do some skiing which I love.  I see Dr. Marinelli occassionally now, when some aches and pains bother me and he keeps me going.  I may add that I have recommended him to a few friends and relatives who suffered from chronic problems and they have all been very happy with the results. Martha Thomas, Secaucus, NJ

Case 6083: Torn Knee Ligament
I first went to Dr. Marinelli a number of years ago for a torn ligament in my knee.  I could not straighten it and my orthopedic threatened with arthroscopy.  Within a few treatments my knee felt great.  I could straighten it as well as run again and he saved me from having expensive surgery.  Since then, Dr. Marinelli has been my go to person for a host of ailments including fatigue, dog allergies, and repressed immune system to name a few.  Now I go once every month or so for maintenance and I have never felt better on all levels.  His work is amazing. I highly recommend him to everyone! Janice Ducate, Jersey City, NJ 

Case 6155: Spinal Bifida
Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with Arnold Chiari Syndrome (first stage Spinal Bifida). I was in my mid-thirties with four children at the time. Having never been symptomatic prior to this time, I was suddenly experiencing severe neck pain. I sought the care of a traditional chiropractor but after several years, still found myself not having any relief. Actually, the traditional cracking of the neck was enhancing the pain. The condition caused the muscles in my neck to atrophy, leaving me with very limited rotation of my neck. I was then told by a neurologist that I was not supposed to have any manipulation of the spinal cord. 

I came to Dr Marinelli’s office seeking treatment for a different ailment, but as we talked and having made a full evaluation of all of my aches and pains, Dr Marinelli was able to loosen years of pain in just a few weeks. His methods allowed me to attain mobility again, when no other doctors was able to help. I have recommended him to several people who are also experiencing no relief from traditional doctors.  He certainly is the one to go to when other methods have been exhausted. Thank you Dr Marinelli. Diane M.